My challenges and trials! I have enough. Thanks Almighty God.

And now since my Design Art it’s been 2 years advertise online market place, And what a lot of challenge in my life, I don’t know what it is or what’s Gods purpose. Before I made the decision I have 2 accidents last year,one was car accident not a big accident but I had Whip Lash and September last year 2015 another our dog with lead, attacked with the other big dog without lead and I was felt over down the hill with 6 meters deep and sore head and knee sprain, while I’m protecting and saved his life, until now I’m workin on it. I’m Thanking God that until now I’m still survived and my heart still strong make feel bravery enough!! Since then I continued to read the bible everyday, when I learn what is important the scripture when I was young. And it helps me. Before I park my pen here.
It’s a long story, if I will going to make a book it’s didn’t fill in 2 pages of books. Life a lots of works to do.