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Red Poppies

Red Poppies

“The Poppies Still Grow In The Fields Of The Slain
But The Loved Ones At Home Can Still Feel The Pain
Never Forgotten After So Many Years Dead
That Is Why Our Poppies Are Always Blood Red
On Our Day Of Remembrance Wear Your Poppy With Pride
Thinking Of The Many Friends And Relatives Who Fought Hard And Died”

The Poppy Juggernaut

My big Poppy to be!!


I have been a little quiet on the poppy front for the last month or so … work has taken the front seat with our winter launch (fashion) … but the poppy juggernaut keeps on rolling on regardless … with many more crafters joining us every day.  The facebook group is active with images and stories … and Marg and I are enjoying celebrating your achievements with you.  We are up over 300 in our facebook group and that number also increases every day.  We have had a quarter page article written by Leslie Petrovski in the Spring Summer edition of American Vogue Knitting … that was exciting … and helps to spread the story far and wide.  Plus there have been numerous articles in other craft magazines on a regular basis.  Marg and I are being asked to talk about the project at an increasing number of meetings, workshops…

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