Orewa Service Remembrance Reserve and we lay gently our Red poppy brooch.

Orewa Service Remembrance reserimage


I’m very surprise!

Last Wednesday when Im looking  a floral wire to put into my poppy one of the women in the shop like my poppy  and she asked how long to make a  flower ,how much it  cost me then I was surprised. I can’t believe this of my new adventure  that keep me going making poppies. And Im excited of what I gonna do next….to be continued. TA  DAA!

Red Poppies

Red Poppies

“The Poppies Still Grow In The Fields Of The Slain
But The Loved Ones At Home Can Still Feel The Pain
Never Forgotten After So Many Years Dead
That Is Why Our Poppies Are Always Blood Red
On Our Day Of Remembrance Wear Your Poppy With Pride
Thinking Of The Many Friends And Relatives Who Fought Hard And Died”